Completed Projects

As more projects finish up the website is updated, so it’s worth checking back in for fun before and after photos! We just love the work our contractors do!


64 Perkins St Bangor - Single Family Restoration

From a crumbling foundation to a total interior remodel this home made a first time buyer extremely happy! Feel free to click the link in the pic to see the before, during, and after pics of this extensive restoration!


72 N Rd Winterport - Single Family Restoration

Sitting on just over 2 acres of land this property was begging for life. This was a somewhat unique project for us as it was a post 2007 construction that was never completely finished until our team got their hands on it!


267 Ohio St Bangor - Multi-unit Restoration

Not everything we take on is a condemned property. This, now, gorgeous 2 unit was a tenant occupied building that endured years of deferred maintenance. After withstanding a fire due to outdated faulty electrical wiring this property was renovated from the studs in-including 40+ ft of foundation walls!


8 william st bangor - Single Family Restoration

It’s amazing what a little exterior paint and new shutter color can do for the outside of a home! While the undertaking of the exterior restoration wasn’t crazy the interior was a completely different story. Have a look for yourself!


331 French st bangor - Single Family Restoration

Major foundation issues scared most outfits away on this one. We’re glad we had the opportunity to revive this cute historical home that was in much need of repairs.


Montgomery St Bangor - Single Family Restoration

This home belonged to the same family for just under 100 years! We are grateful that we were trusted with the task of bringing this home back to its prime “yesteryears” with the necessary modern touches of course!


68 fifth street - two unit renovation


27 Grant St Bangor - Single Family Restoration

Did you know that “kit homes” were a thing in the early 1900’s? We always thought that these grand turn of the century homes were custom built, but weren’t we in for a surprise! Shortly after we purchased 27 Grant St. we were approached by a friendly neighbor. They explained that this very property was actually featured in magazines nation wide in the early 1900’s, and that it is one of many “plan book” houses the Keith Corporation had created. This particular model is known as Design K-90, and would only set you back $2,650 if you decided to build! How we wish the renovations only cost that much!